Tuesday night pasta night

Tuesday called for the viral tik tok feta pasta bake - I don’t typically measure anything - just toss it all in - using a block of feta creates a richer flavor however since most shops seem to be out of it the crumbled works just as well - just use more than you think. Fussili pasta is a favorite however a good ragatoni always feels comforting especially if wine is involved and bread and balsamic vinegar for starters.

Scatter roughly 2 cups of cherry tomatoes in a glass dish 9 x 13 -

pop the block of feta in the middle - drizzle all with olive oil and salt pepper. for a roasted tomato taste I cook for 25 mins at 425.

Meanwhile cook pasta in very salted water - like the sea - chop garlic - quite a few cloves and fresh basil - a big bunch -

then all toss together - try not to burn the bread under the grill as you sit everyone down at the table - bon appetite

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